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Living In California, We’re All Very Familiar With The Occasional Earthquake or Two. However, When a BIG ONE Hits,  You Don’t Want To Be Caught Off Guard! The Installation Of A Seismic Earthquake Gas Shutoff Valve Is Essential For Any Home That Uses Gas For Appliances. 

What is the Purpose of an Earthquake Shut Off Valve?

Safety! The purpose of having a seismic earthquake shut off valve is to prevent the flow of gas from your meter into your home after a big earthquake. By having a seismic shut off valve installed in your homes gas system, you can rest assured knowing your home is prepared for both seismic activity and earthquakes. We also recommend adding Excess Flow Flow Valves in your gas main and at each branch connection for an extra level of protection!

How Does an Earthquake Shut Off Valve Work?

In the event of seismic activity or an earthquake of 5.4 or higher, your seismic earthquake shut off valve automatically closes the gas line from your meter to your home. This valve is generally installed right after your city’s gas meter before it enters your home. Because even a very small earthquake can cause the foundation of your home to shift and damage pipes in your home, we do recommend adding Excess Flow Valves along with your automatic seismic earthquake shut off valve. Anytime there is a significant earthquake or break in your homes plumbing systems, it is important that flammable substances like natural gas be immediately restricted to protect your family and home.

When am I Required To Install a Seismic Earthquake Shut Off Valve?

Many Citys will require you to have a seismic earthquake shut off valve or excess flow valves installed when performing any work requiring a building permit or anytime someone sells a home. Most insurance companies and policies will require you to have in your home as well. Also, most home inspections will require one to be installed to pass a home inspection. If you’re not sure if you are required to have one, please contact us and we will help you with any questions or concerns.

I Want to Have a Seismic Earthquake Shut Off Valve Installed, What Do I Do Next?

If you would like to make sure your home is safe in the event of an earthquake or you are being required to have an earthquake valve installed, here is what you should do before contacting us to schedule an install.

  1. We will need to know what size valve to install on your gas system.
    1. If you don’t know, you can use our custom pipe measurement chart here: Click Here
  2. Please take a few pics of your gas meter from about 8′-10′ away so we can see your entire install area.
    1. Email your pics to Please make sure you include your contact info and service address.
  3. Give us a call to confirm we received your pics and info. Once we receive your pics and info, we can give you a price quote and schedule your appointment. 

Here Is What To Expect During Your Appointment.

Of course, every installation and appointment is unique. But here are a few standard things to expect in the installation of your seismic earthquake shut off valve.

  1. We highly recommend first call at 8 am in the morning if possible! The reason we usually recommend the first call is it is the only way we can guarantee our technician’s arrival time. If your not first call at 8 am, you will be given 2-hour window of arrival times. It is impossible for us to know when our technician will complete the day’s previous calls. Also, getting a seismic earthquake shut off valve is generally not an emergency situation like when your water main has broken.
  2. How Long will the installation take? 
    1. Of course, every install is unique, but on average your installation will take about 2 hours.
  3. Will my gas be shut off during installation?
    1. Yes. We will need to shut off the gas to your meter and your home to install your seismic earthquake shut off valve.
  4. Will the technician re-light my water heater and appliances after installation?
    1. Yes, we will! Most newer gas appliances and water heaters will re-light themselves. But after installation and your gas is turned back on, our technician will check all the gas appliances in your home to ensure there are no issues or leaks. * We are not responsible for any damages or equipment failures that result in your gas being turned off.
  5. Schedule inspection with your local building department. 
    1. If you elected to have Diablo Plumbing get your building permit and handle your inspection, we will then schedule your inspection at this point. If you or another contractor is taking care of your inspection you will need to schedule at once complete.
  6. Enjoy the benefits of your seismic earthquake shut off valve.
    1. Now that your seismic earthquake shut off valve is installed, your home is now much safer in the event of an earthquake! Your invoice from our technician will have all your required equipment info and warranty info. Any other questions please just contact us.
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